Working with Jessica over the past year has changed my life. She provides intuitive insight and guidance to issues that I needed help resolving. I feel much more grounded and focused in my life after working with her. I was repeating emotional patterns and feeling stuck and unmotivated. Her knowledge and approach to parenting issues redefined how I am raising my son. This experience has changed my life! The walk and talk therapy is such a great technique, it really gets things moving. I highly recommend working with Jessica to anyone who is ready to embrace a fuller life and is willing to do the work it takes to get there. She is a great part of my support system.

K.L.Mom, Business Owner

It is so wonderful working with Jessica, she is grounded and strong. Being in her presence is healing. She has a myriad of gifts she shares with her clients. I have grown stronger from her work with me as a Transitional Life Coach. You have to do the work but having her as a guide will help your journey into healing go faster.  She validates me without allowing me to be dishonest with myself.

Jessica is a gift to the world and a gift to me. I will never be the same person I was before working with her…she has helped me become a better, stronger, wiser person…all that with loving warm laughter and an amazing smile!

Amber S.Principal, Rock star Stilt performer

Jessica was so amazingly helpful! We took 2 days and cleaned and organized my house from the first floor to the second. I really couldn’t have done this without her. She was compassionate but helped me get rid of stuff that needed to go. Her tips on how to manage and reduce the chaos are helping me keep my house organized and clean!

T.Z. Nonprofit Business Owner

“Jessica has been in my life for many years now. She has always been a wonderful comfort on days I just need to vent. When there is more going on than just my need to speak, her hard earned life wisdom and her intuition blend with her careful word choice to always be the right guidance. Her eloquence with words at times inspires me to call her just to go over a crucial conversation I must have, and check in with her about how to carefully craft my communication with love and respect. She has seen me grow as a person these last seven years, and the path would have been so different without her patience, support and guidance, I’m eternally grateful.”

L.J.Business Owner, Student, Mama

“My experiences with Jessica have always been clarifying and heart lifting for me. She offers a kind ear and such honest and loving direction. The reflection of my higher self is so apparent.  She also offers an opportunity to be seen, which in today’s fast paced world, can be rare.
Her sweetness and kind energy is something that allows me to show up safely for myself when I am with her. There is a real power in being supported through your vulnerability and the process that allows the heavy parts of your shadow to burn away…..and Jessica is just the person to initiate and support you throughout it. Do yourself a fOwneravor, and allow yourself the gift of a clear and sweet look at yourself reflected back to you from a strong, wise woman.”

L.F.Corporate Sales

“Jessica is amazing. She always says the right thing in the right moment to make me feel better about things and shift my focus. She knows when I need a hug, and when I need to vent and holds space for both. Her insights show her depth of knowledge and her kindness shows her depth of compassion. I am truly lucky to have her in my life!”

L.M.Business Manager