Benefits of Being More Organized!!

You will have less distractions and more focus.

Higher productivity.

You will have more time for yourself and your loved ones.

Clutter reduction equals stress reduction.

You will achieve more balance in your life.

Goal setting will be more efficient.

Prioritizing tasks will be easier.

You will feel good about your environment.

You will be healthier.

You will be able to relax more.

Your creativity will be higher.

You will have more energy and enthusiasm!

You will be free from chaos!

Tips to create close relationships with your children.

Engage your children in conversation.

Listen more than you talk.

Create a family game night. Be consistent with it.

Take family outings once a month. Or more!

Put your work down. Focus on quantity time. The more the better.

Love, love and love some more!

What you do matters. Pay attention and make changes if needed.

Be involved in your child’s life.

Adapt your parenting to fit your child’s personality and development stages.

Establish and set rules. Be consistent and compassionate.

Foster their independence by giving them reasonable choices.

Avoid harsh discipline. Everyone benefits from kindness.

Explain your rules and decisions.

Treat your child with respect.

Create family traditions. The more, the better.

Use encouragement not praise Encouragement empowers children, praise makes them feel like to they have to live up to your standard.

Make yourself available.

Make your children a priority.

Hug them.

Smile at them and say I love you often.

Read with them. Sharing appropriate chapter books and taking turns reading is awesome!

Do projects with them.

Include them in your life. Be vulnerable with them(age appropriate of course)

Say I am sorry when you make a mistake.

Take walks and hold hands (if they want to).

Share a meal with them everyday. Talk at the dinner table.

Give them responsibilities. Let them choose some on their own.

Do puzzles and drink cocoa in the winter months.

Play music together. Dance. SIng.

Above all else, love them some more…..there can never be too much!

Divorce Tips to Keep You Strong

First off, make no mistake, it’s “you” against “you” every day. So you get to decide who wins. The dark you or the bright you.

Keep in mind that you paralyze yourself by focusing on the things you don’t have and can’t do. Rather, focus on what you do have, and can do.

Forgive yourself: Try not to beat yourself up—life can do that for you. Learn to create little victories for yourself and build on them. Shoot for one little thing each day that can show progress in a particular area of your life.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help: Women give too much and are too proud to ask for help. No one can read your mind.

This new life is a work in progress, so you will need to learn patience. Masterpieces take time to create!

You have a responsibility to your children to do everything in your power to keep their relationship with both parents warm, loving and civil, if possible. For better or worse, their lives were changed without their consent.

Make yourself a deal that you will work on understanding yourself before trying to find a new partner. You now have permission slips to have temporary adult relationships to soothe your soul, but don’t introduce romantic partners to your kids unless it’s serious.

Dig deep and find the courage to be proactive. No one’s stopping by to check on you each day; they have their own problems.

Learn to let your perfectionism go: Each time you feel the pressure to get too many things done in a day, ask yourself which things really don’t matter and let them go. It’s freeing.

Friends will take sides and this will hurt, but those who are true will be there to listen and will be there forever.

If you’re a single working parent do everything in your power to make sure you find the best caretakers for your children. You will derive peace of mind when this is in place.

You will be alone at family functions with or without your kids—get used to it.

You will be dropping off your kids with their own suitcase and feel like crap. Then you will be all alone. You’ll either hate it or love it. Learn to use this time selfishly; it’s important and legal for you to have pleasure in your life.

Find work that engages you and continue to build on your marketable skills. This will not only keep your mind stimulated, but it will help you toward earning more money—you’ll need it.

Search for inspiration and feed your soul and mind with upbeat information.

Make a list “Things To Do Before I Die” with all your dreams and aspirations, and fun things you’d like to do. And then start doing them and checking them off!

You will learn to sleep alone but also to come and go as you please on your own schedule.

It’s important for you to stay healthy! Exercise raises serotonin in your brain and helps fight depression.

Force yourself to stay involved with people and socialize for business and pleasure.

When you think you don’t have the strength, dig deeper. You’ll be amazed at what you never knew was inside of you.