Life coaching takes the focus off the past and creates a vision for the future. Are you ready to invest in yourself? Contact me!

Jessica is a deeply intuitive life coach who helps women on the path of self discovery, growth and healing. Offering authentic support and inspiration, she listens without judgement and gives insightful feedback, guiding you to the wisdom that lies within you.

Jessica understands hardship and transition.

She also knows the depths of the human heart and is prepared to guide other women to unleash their highest potential. Twice divorced with 4 children, her second husband a sociopathic narcissist, she has learned how to overcome suffering and transmute trauma into healthy, joyful living! Her focus is on helping to empower women in transition to step confidently into the future with meaningful goals and their own definition of success. Are you going through a major life change?

Experience is a master teacher.

Jessica’s calling has always been to help others, but first she had to help herself! She began studying with teachers and mentors in 1998 to understand the healing process. She was fascinated with medicine and healing from a young age and is deeply spiritual by nature. Having spent 0ver 25 years studying philosophy and metaphysics, she has cultivated a deep understanding of spirituality that honors all paths as sacred. Her strong focus in psychology has allowed her to develop a keen insight into the human spirit!

Jessica has reclaimed her power as a healthy, thriving, insightful woman with a vibrant family and personal life. She offers a deep healing presence and a client centered approach toward individual soulful integration, guiding you to live more fully in your body and mind! Are you ready to move forward with confidence?

Find the way back to your true center.