Live your greatest potential!

• Identify what keeps you stuck and learn to live abundantly.

• Tap into creative ways to get motivated and live your life with purpose.

• Heal and let go of patterns that no longer serve you, making way for your best self.

Working with Jessica is like having your own personal cheering squad toward success!

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Services Offered

  • Life Coaching

    Are you ready for big change? Jessica helps women in transition move toward deep transformation. Increase your confidence, learn to attract wealth, health and happiness. Build the life you dream of living. Whether you are switching careers, recovering from a major illness, rebuilding after a divorce or just ready to change your life, having Jessica in your corner is your path to success!

What people are saying about Jessica

Working with Jessica over the past year has changed my life. She provides intuitive insight and guidance to issues that I needed help resolving. I feel much more grounded and focused in my life after working with her. I was repeating emotional patterns and feeling stuck and unmotivated. Her knowledge and approach to parenting issues redefined how I am raising my son. This experience has changed my life! The walk and talk therapy is such a great technique, it really gets things moving. I highly recommend working with Jessica to anyone who is ready to embrace a fuller life and is willing to do the work it takes to get there. She is a great part of my support system.

K.L.Mom/Business Owner

“It is so wonderful working with Jessica, she is grounded and strong. Being in her presence is healing. She has a myriad of gifts she shares with her clients. I have grown stronger from her work with me as a Transitional Life Coach. You have to do the work but having her as a guide will help your journey into healing go faster.  She validates me without allowing me to be dishonest with myself.

Jessica is a gift to the world and a gift to me. I will never be the same person I was before working with her…she has helped me become a better, stronger, wiser person…all that with loving warm laughter and an amazing smile!”

A.S.Principal, Doctorate Student

I have never been able to keep myself motivated like this before! I was a little skeptical to hire a Life Coach and I was referred to Jessica by a friend. She was encouraging and gentle, but I could sense her wisdom in our first meeting (which is free btw so what are you waiting for?) After 3 weeks of working together, I had already begun to see changes in my own patterns and she kept me accountable to the work I was wanting to do. There is no turning back now, the commitment that I made to myself was worth every penny and the results are evident!


I am self employed and was hoping to expand my business. I knew that I needed a good support system if I stood a chance at keeping myself on track with my goals. I was not really looking for a life coach, but when I met Jessica at a wellness conference, I knew right away that she was the right person to assist me. She was warm and confident which me feel comfortable in her presence right away. When we began working together, I knew that I had made the right choice. Our sessions gave me just the push that I needed to get moving in the right direction. She doesn’t give you the answers, but she sure does ask the right questions to help you dig them out! My business is already showing signs of growth and I feel so much more confident and ready for what is ahead. I am so grateful for Jessica’s help.

Tina S.Natural Foods Broker

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